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Anxiety : Driving Test Nerves : IBS : Job Interview Nerves : Phobias : Public Speaking/Stage Fright Relaxation : Self Esteem : Sleep : Motivation : Stop Smoking : Weight Loss ( including Hypno-Gastric-Band).

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  • Anxiety

Anxiety can be debilitating both mentally and physically, and anxiety can have so many varied causes.  I will help you to unlock the reasons for your anxiety and help you to deal with these causes in a different way.


  • Driving test nerves

It is completely understandable that you may be very nervous on your driving test.  Hypnotherapy could give you the positivity and confidence that you need.  Knowing you are good enough to pass your test but fearful of the actual test can be distressing.  Hypnotherapy could be your answer.


  • IBS

It is widely believed that Irritable Bowel Syndrome is largely caused by stress and anxiety and can be painful and embarrassing.  When dietary changes and other methods don’t work for you why not try hypnotherapy. The NHS website cites “hypnosis is twice as effective at relieving agonising symptoms of IBS than other methods” (Analysis by Bazian, edited by NHS Website 6th December 2018)

  • Nerves about Job Interviews

Showing confidence and a positive attitude in job interviews can make the difference between success and failure.  Hypnotherapy could enable you to overcome negative thoughts or worries, relax you and give you belief in yourself.


  • Phobias: Dentists, Flying, Heights, Spiders, Sickness etc.

Hypnotherapy can help overcome most common phobias.  If you have a phobia perhaps hypnotherapy could hold the answer to ridding yourself of this limiting fear and it’s unwanted effects on your day to day life.


  • Public Speaking: Stage Fright, etc.

Unless you are used to being in the public eye you may be one of many, many people who are rarely asked to speak publicly.   This can cause severe anxiety.  Hypnotherapy could assist you to be calm and confident about the event and make all the difference to your delivery on the day!


  • Relaxation

If you just feel stressed and have a build-up of pressure and tension, hypnotherapy can relax you and bring the body and mind back into balance helping you to look after yourself and reduce your stress levels.


  • Self Esteem

Low self-esteem can affect many parts of our lives.  Hypnotherapy can help get to the root of your low self-esteem and boost your self confidence and self-worth which could improve your performance at work, or your relationships.


  • Sleep problems

Whether you need to discover the root causes for your sleep problem or whether you just need simple relaxation techniques, hypnotherapy could help you. 


  • Motivation

Lack of inspiration and motivation can hold us back from achieving our potential.  If you are feel lack-lustre and you may be procrastinating about your life’s journey then hypnotherapy could help you to get inspired and enthusiastic again.


  • Stop Smoking

Hypnotherapy can help you to stop smoking without cravings.  It is the best way to change your habits and attune your unconscious mind to your conscious decision to stop!


  • Weight Loss & Hypno-Gastric-Band weight loss

Unwanted weight can have an affect on all aspects of our lives, from physical ability, health issues, relationships and jobs.  It can affect self esteem and confidence.  Unhealthy eating patterns and weight gain can be attributed to many things.  I can help you to discover and control your triggers and help you get control of your eating patterns for a healthier lifestyle and to reach your goals.


Hypno-Gastric Band: I am specially trained in Hypno-Gastric-Band which gives the impression that a gastric band has been fitted, but without the discomfort of actual surgery.  This is even more help in the quest to control eating patterns in order to achieve positive goals for weight loss.

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